Equal Opportunity Survey

In 2000, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) initiated use of the Equal Opportunity Survey (E.O. Survey) to gather employment information from federal contractors and subcontractors. On an annual basis, OFCCP promises to send an E.O. Survey to 10,000 establishments in the contractor database.

In the Equal Opportunity Survey, OFCCP requests the following:

  • general information regarding your company's federal contractor (or subcontractor) status;

  • closing date of the establishment's Affirmative Action Programs;

  • verification of employment postings with the state employment service and/or America's Job Bank;

  • personnel activity data (including applicants, hires, terminations and promotions) for each EEO-1 category by gender, race, and ethnicity;

  • employee data (full time only) from the beginning of your current Affirmative Action Plan year;

  • compensation and tenure data for each EEO-1 category for minorities and non-minorities by gender.

While the Equal Opportunity Survey is time-consuming and burdensome to the employer, OFCCP has implemented it hoping to accomplish three goals:

  • increase compliance with equal opportunity requirements by encouraging contractors' self-evaluations;

  • target Compliance Evaluations toward contractors most likely to be out of compliance; and

  • increase OFCCP's efficiency by facilitating better resource allocation within the agency.

Looking on the bright side: this should mean that the Equal Opportunity Survey will reduce the likelihood that contractors who are in compliance with OFCCP's requirements will be scheduled for a Compliance Evaluation! Submission of accurate and complete data in the Survey should lower the chances of your establishment being selected for a Compliance Evaluation.

We offer assistance in completing the Equal Opportunity Survey. As our client, you are welcome to call us for guidance in completing the Survey. Or, if you would prefer that we summarize the data and complete the Survey for your establishment, you may send us the requisite data and we will handle it from there.

We'll be happy to answer any questions and discuss options with you when you contact us. You may also find answers to your questions relating to the Equal Opportunity Survey at the Department of Labor's web site.


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