Our Strategic Alliance

Linda Grossman


Jennifer Hanley

Partnering to better serve our clients

We are business associates who work independently for some clients and collaboratively as a team for others. Either way, we offer our clients a unique breadth of professional expertise. This strategic alliance gives flexibility and strength to our consulting services.

Should you have questions or wish to explore working with one or both of us, feel free to contact either one or both of us. We will discuss with you the scale and scope of the project, its timeframe for completion, and the expertise required. If the scale or scope of your project is large, we will probably propose that we collaborate. If the project is smaller, we will recommend who would better serve as your consultant. The choice, of course, will be yours.

When we work together for a client, our strategic alliance is seamless. A prospective client will discuss terms with one consultant and receive one Agreement for professional services.



We welcomed Lillian Fong to our team in the fall of 2001. Before joining us, Lillian worked in Human Resources at Mills College and in community services and mental health in Oakland and San Leandro. She brings experience, careful work, and a passion for Affirmative Action to her position as Analyst.

Kathy Roberts continues two days a week as Office Manager in Linda's office, with baby Isabella helping out occasionally on Friday afternoons.