Implementation & Training

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you through the implementation of your Affirmative Action Program. The Affirmative Action Plan is a starting point, a benchmark for the rest of the Program throughout the affirmative action year. In the Affirmative Action Plan, we will have carefully crafted the action plans to address your company's placement goals and any plans that your company has to address compliance issues.

As part of our service in developing your company's Affirmative Action Plan(s), we also offer guidance on:

Developing and maintaining record retention procedures

  • determining what items belong in an employee's general personnel file (available to management) vs. items to be retained in a confidential file;

  • retaining I-9 Forms required by law for only the required timeframes;

  • determining relevant timeframes required by state and federal laws relating to retention of personnel and employment records;

  • retaining resumes and applications for all applicants considered for an open position;

  • maintaining various documentation for each known disabled individual or covered veteran.

Designing applicant tracking processes

Depending on what works best for your company (based on budget, number of applicants, HR staff, etc.) you may wish to consider using one or more of the following:

  • "manual" system -- involving requisition folders and hardcopy tracking sheets;

  • electronic "tear-off" sheets for self-identification of applicants applying via the web;

  • hardcopy "tear-off" sheets to accompany your company's application;

  • applicant tracking rosters for hiring managers, recruiters, and receptionists.

Please note, if you have not retained applicants' resumes and/or applications (for a period of two years as required by both state and federal regulations), the OFCCP can assume that they were destroyed to conceal discrimination.

Developing effective recruitment and outreach strategies

We provide our AAP clients with a detailed list of recruitment resources, including:

  • organizations serving women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans;

  • 4-year universities, community colleges, and training institutions;

  • career websites, including those targeting women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans;

  • mentoring and/or internship programs.

Training executives, management and human resources staff in compliance responsibilities:

  • complying with your company's EEO/Affirmative Action policy;

  • ensuring that women and minorities are given full opportunity for transfer and promotion;

  • becoming involved with local minority and women's organizations, and community action/service programs;

  • encouraging minorities and women to participate in company-sponsored educational, training, recreational, and social activities;

  • taking action to prevent harassment and intimidation of employees.

For further information regarding additional contractor obligations, please go to Other Obligations.


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